Wipes – Conti Flushable Cleansing Wet

Conti® Flushable Cleansing Wet Wipes
A dermatologically tested, pH balanced, lanolin and alcohol-free formulation that promotes skin health with a formulation that is specifically designed to provide immediate and long lasting moisturisation. Our macerator friendly Flushable Cleansing Wet Wipes give you unparalleled soft, gentle efficacy and saves valuable time. Perfect for Incontinence.

Wipe size 22 x 24cm Pack 50 Case of 20 packs


Soft and Gentle

Conti Wet Wipes are manufactured using a super soft material, designed to feel gentle against your skin. They are suitable for everyday cleansing and can also be used in hospital or care home environments.

Kind to Skin

Each wet wipe is dermatologically tested and pH balanced, making them suitable for those with delicate or sensitive skin.

Large Size

Conti Wet Wipes are larger than some standard wet wipes, so you won’t need to use as many. They are suitable for most daily cleansing tasks and can be used while travelling.