Wipes – Conti Patient Dry Cotton Soft

Incontinence causes many complications. It increases skin sensitivity and skin breakdown which eventually causes pressure sores. Wipes are the perfect alternative from your usual flannel or sponge, harsh soap and water cleansing method. Whilst being gentle enough to be used on the most fragile and sensitive skin. Using single use wipes reduces the risk of cross infection.
Use with all incontinence products pages 4 & 5 & skin cleansers pages 12 & 13

Conti® CottonSoft Is a cotton-enriched material providing strength and softness. The heavy weight wipe is ideal for continence care and the effective cleansing of heavily soiled skin.

Wipe size 30 x 35cm Pack 100 Case of 20 packs


Strong and Durable

Conti Cottonsoft Dry Wipes are heavier and stronger than some standard wipes, guaranteeing a thorough cleanse, without falling apart in your hands.

Versatile Cleansing

Unlike other wipes, Conti dry wipes are purposely designed for heavily soiled skin and continence care. They can even be used with anti-bacterial creams and cleansing foams.

Suitable for Different Skin Types

Conti Soft Dry Wipes can be used on all areas of the body. As they as Cottonsoft, they can be used on delicate or sensitive skin without causing irritation.