Pads For Men

Perfect for independent people with light, temporary urinary loss. Slim and equipped with an odour control system, Small Shaped Pads are discreet and provide anti-leakage security. Sticky backed.

This product is undergoing a packaging change. The products inside have been updated with a fresh aesthetic look whilst its performance remains the same as before. You may receive the product in its previous packaging as this change is being phased in.

For Light to Moderate Incontinence, For Men are designed contour to the shape of the male form, for a comfortable, secure fit. These discreet men’s pads provide fast absorption, odour control and effective protection against leaks.

Fast Absorption

For Men are designed to absorb light leaks by quickly drawing moisture away from the skin. Moisture remains securely locked inside the pad, so that you feel fresh and dry throughout the day.


Odour Control

Once moisture has been absorbed, an odour control system helps to reduce the risk of unwanted odours, giving you peace of mind when on the move.

Comfortable and Secure

Each For men’s pad contains gathered elastic to provide a comfortable, secure fit, that will follow the natural movement of the body, and stay in place over extended periods of use.

Completely Discreet

For Men Level pads are thin and light, and feature an adhesive strip so that they can be attached to underwear. Pads cannot be seen under clothing.


‘For Men’ absorption 600ml pack 10 or 14