Pads Small Shaped

For Light Incontinence, these discreet pads have been purposefully designed to provide fast absorption and protection against leaks. Lille Healthcare Suprem Light Super are made from a rustle-free material and feature soft elastic sides, offering an ideal solution for those with active lifestyles.

Super Absorbent

Lille Suprem Light pads contain an absorbent core designed to rapidly draw moisture away from the body. Moisture remains securely locked inside the pad, preventing dampness, even under pressure.


Odour Control System

Once moisture has been absorbed, unwanted odours are quickly neutralised, giving you peace of mind when on the move.

Protection Against Leaks

Elasticated sides ensure that the pad fits closely to the body, reducing the risk of leakage. A fully waterproof back sheet provides an additional line of defence against leaks and spills.

Comfortable and Secure

Lille Suprem Light pads are anatomically shaped to provide maximum comfort and discretion. They can be worn with fixation pants or regular underwear, and cannot be seen under clothing.

‘Normal’ absorption – 370ml pack 28
‘Extra’ absorption – 600ml pack 28
‘Super’ absorption – 830ml pack 28
‘Maxi’ absorption – 1030ml pack 28
‘For Men’ absorption 600ml pack 14