Bed Pan- Vector

Vector bedpan is made from lightweight & durable polypropylene and designed for use with both male and female patients making it a perfect solution for care settings.

The Vector bedpan is autoclavable to ensure cross-contamination is eliminated, with a smooth surface to allow for easy hand cleaning with soap and hot water.

The durable design is suitable for use with bariatric patients, weight tested to 250kg / 39.5 stone.

An excellent alternative to traditional stainless steel bedpans, the vector bedpan is guaranteed to last a minimum of 1000 wash cycles.

Usage instructions

  • Suitable for male and female use
  • For use in a seated position
  • Close lid after use to reduce odour and risk of spills
  • Empty after each use
  • Weight endurance tested up to 250 kg (39.5 stone)
  • Advisable maximum usage time of up to 5 minutes – care should be given to patient comfort and safe positioning.

Cleaning instructions

Hospital Use:

  • Wash before first use
  • Clean in automatic washer disinfectors compliant with ISO 15883
  • Wash cycle at 80°C
  • Disinfection cycle at 90°C

For further processing information, refer to machine manufacturers instructions and local hospital policy.

Personal Use:

  • Wash before first use in hot water with detergent
  • Empty contents after use down a toilet
  • Rinse pan and empty down a toilet
  • Wash in hot water with detergent after each use and allow to air dry

Key Features

  • Size:  355 x 308 x 108mm