Dementia Care Mug and Lid

The Dementia Care crockery is designed so people with Dementia are able to see and manipulate their food, which will lead to them eating more and enjoy better nutrition.

The Mug is made from a light weight melamine to ensure that they are easily lifted when full of fluids. The large handle enables everyone to be able to hold the item securely. The flat top on the handle offers additional stability, particularly to people with a central nervous disorder/parkinson’s/perhaps a stroke. The lid has an inverted feeder and much more dignified that a standard feeder beaker currently used by most people. This offers a dignified answer to users who are more likely to feel comfortable drinking in public. Unlike plastic, the melamine does not affect the taste of hot drinks, such as tea. The Find dining mug is dishwasher safe, and virtually unbreakable.


Inner Height: 11.5cm
Inner Length: 8cm
Outer Height: 13cm
Not suitable for microwave use

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