Round Scoop Plate

This Round Scoop Plate is an ideal eating aid for the one-handed user, or for those with muscular conditions. The vertical wall helps to guide food easily onto utensils. This lightweight polypropylene scoop plate has a non-slip rubber-coated base to prevent sliding and provide a stable eating platform. The entry wall is 13mm (1/2″) high and steadily increases upward to 38mm (1 1/2″), to provide excellent assistance for the user. The Large diameter of the scoop plate provides plenty of space for any size meal. The plate also has a wide rim for easy handling. The scoop plate is also availiable in blue and white and yellow.

Product Specification:

One Scoop Plate
Colour: White/blue/red/yellow
Plate diameter: 230mm (9″)
Non-slip rubber base
Excellent eating aid
Wide rim for easy handling

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