BIO-DOX Bactericidal Hand Soap

Bio-Dox is a high active bactericidal hand soap and skin cleanser with a controlled foam level.

Contains skin conditioners – mild in use
Contains Benzalkonium Chloride – bactericidal action

Non-tainting – suitable for food environments

A thick, clear, yellow liquid made from high quality surfactants and biocides, Bio-Dox is odourless and taint-free.  Particularly suitable for use in establishments where hand hygiene is a priority, e.g. hospitals, care homes, clinics, etc. As a non-tainting and odourless product, Bio-Dox is also ideal for use in food environments.
Apply BIO-DOX to wet hands. Rub into the skin, ensuring contact with the entire surface of the hand and wrist. Ensure that you interlace the
fingers to clean these areas and use a clean nail brush to clean under the fingernails. Rinse away with clean water and dry hands thoroughly.

Available in:   300ml pump bottle,   5 Litre,    Dispenser available for 5 Litre.

Safety Data Sheet Product Information Sheet