Mop Handles Colour Coded

Lightweight aluminium mop handles. Available in: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.

  • Colour Coded Mop Stick −This red mop handle is specifically made to use at high-risk areas such as sanitary fittings, restroom cleaning, toilets and urinals.
  • Universal Fitting Long Broom Handle and Mopping Stick – If you are looking for a floor mop handle replacement that can fit most of the indoor & outdoor mop heads, this is the right product for you. These 23mm diameter screw thread handles for floor mop are interchangeable and compatible with all colour coded mop heads.
  • 120cm Long Mop Pole – This broom and mop metal handle is 120cm long, the perfect length to prevent the need to bend over when attached to the head of the mops for cleaning floors.
  • Aluminium Heavy Duty Mop Handle – Made from high-quality material, this colour coded handle can support the toughest of cleaning jobs. Unlike wooden broom handles, this product is hard-wearing and stronger.
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