Mop Heads Colour Coded

Available in: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow.

  • Traditional Cotton Yarn String Mop – It is made with 29cm traditional braiding pure yarn. The heavy duty mop heads are highly absorbent and are ideal for domestic and commercial floor cleaning.
  • Universal Fitting and Self Threading Socket Mop Heads – The cleaning mops are designed for general use and are suitable for both push fit and threaded mop heads screw in handles with 22mm diameter.
  • Colour Coded Mops for Cleaning Floors – These mop heads replacements are made colour coded to avoid cross-contamination from different areas. The floor mop comes with four colour variations such as blue for general low-risk areas, green for food and bar use, red as a bathroom mop and for high-risk zones, and yellow as a kitchen mop and for food preparation areas.
  • Wet and Dry Floor Cleaner Mop – The mop refill can be used wet or dry. They are lightweight and washable making them ideal cleaning mops for floors for a long period of time.
  • Replacement Mop Heads Only. No need to replace your mop handle, just replace the heads with these colour coded cotton mop heads.
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