Mop Buckets Colour Coded

Available in Red, Yellow, Blue and Green

  • Colour Coded Bucket for Mop − The colour coded mopping bucket is made to avoid cross-contamination from different areas, making these buckets sets perfect for commercial cleaning for food hygiene such as care home settings..
  • 12 Litre Capacity Made from Hard-Wearing Plastic Material – Built to last, this cleaning bucket was moulded from high-quality plastic materials. It has a strong body, durable for its weight. The 12L commercial mop bucket weighing 620grams will aid for a faster and more efficient cleaning.
  • Removable Mop Wringer – A dual-purpose cleaning bucket on which the mop wringer can be removed as needed and can also be used as a normal bucket. This mop bucket with wringer allows an easy squeeze to cleaning mops and removes any excess water before applying to the floors.
  • Great Design – Features a hand pouring grip, a pouring spout, a sturdy handle with a comfortable grip, and a built-in clip at the wringer where you can easily snap the mop in place, this mop bucket has everything you need.
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